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Looking for what's logical, efficient, kind and fun... Traffic safety became a personal issue when my youngest brother died on the highway. I observed traffic unsafety while driving for a living(30yrs). Spread the word about "Road-Peace" as a step on the road to World Peace. Since those wise and gentle enough to create World Peace will not treat each other as we now do, in traffic, the road is a good place to focus our efforts. see

Monday, December 25, 2006


Wishing you all a very merry Christmas (or whatever holiday you prefer) and a great, prosperous and safe new year...

My bad! Far too much time afk (away from keyboard), but, I can explain... uhh, it was extenuating circumstances. Yeah, that's the ticket! Very extenneratin'...

The sabbatical began when we found that we were obliged to move to a new home. Besides the usual new home hunting, much time was consumed sorting, stashing and trashing seventeen years worth of accumulated stuff. When you don't expect ever to have to move again, stuff does tend to pile up... "Someday we'll get around to fixing that..."

Time flies... (It is now November, 2007 and I am unable to alter the date of this post, which actually is the date of the first draft.) The job at Health-Tech did not pan out, but I am now busily and happily employed by Transcend as a driver, delivering patients to and from therapy and medical appointments. My longest trip thus far was a journey from Washington, D.C. to Blacksburg, Virginia. Other drivers have been to West Virginia and Delaware. We cover a sizable area.

I am trying to adapt to a different computer (The old G3 imac has been replaced with a not-so-old G4 emac.) and the new OS and new Blogger idiosyncrasies. (Should it take a week to upload a video clip?) Oh, yes, Paypal seems not to function for me. What have I done wrong, this time?

Well, other duties beckon; I will post this, now, so that you will know that I have not been swallowed by a whale.