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Saturday, October 27, 2007


On our recent trip to the Shenandoah Balloon Festival, we experienced a nearly half hour delay. This is part of life. Nothing to be upset about, right?

Destinations beckon so sweet
Making us wish our journey complete.
But, when delays
Cause us to craze,
Be glad; you're not under the sheet.

Come to think of it... aren't all our destinations (save the last) temporary?

A little delay/ a little dismay.
Big crashes/ ashes to ashes.

Our patience was rewarded with a beautiful time at the festival. By four o' clock, many were leaving. They were convinced that the balloons would be grounded, as they were the previous evening, by wind. They decided it smart to get an early start to avoid the crowds. Bless them, for their early departure greatly diminished the traffic, later.

And the balloons?

Had to wait...

...for the wind to abate...(Let the kites have a turn.)

...until, bravely...

...they try...

...and try... get high...

...and fly!

Bon voyage!