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Friday, April 10, 2009


Yes, friends, Spring has sprung, bringing new life... perhaps, even to my old YAHOO! Group, CareAboutTraffSafety. You don't even have to click the link to get more info, since I am posting the opening (invitation/description) page right here...


Remember when driving was fun, and "road rage" was uncommon? What would make traffic safer? Can we get rid of "Merge Right?" (into blind spot?) Double fines for speeding in areas of merging traffic? Single lane rumblestrips just before the merge area? Develop cars that read the driver's mind, then automatically signal to other drivers?
Let's have fun & make this a wide-open think tank! This is not the place to flame other drivers. Chances are, their misdeeds are unintentional. Don't we all get distracted occasionally? Let's forgive, but not forget to consider ways to improve... ourselves (set a good example?),... our vehicles (variable brake lights?),... our roads (design better signs!), ... and... ??
Considering how heavy the topic can be, it is good to clean out negative emotions. Understand that our thinking and perception can be clouded by these. So, shake and laugh off the fears. Cry out our grief. The process of getting to our best thinking and energy is well explained at
This means that we don't put down any ideas for being silly, (Silly ideas are most welcome! Laughter helps remove our blinders and spark more creative thinking.) As we think inside as well as "outside the box," let us endeavor to politely communicate and appreciate our thinking, respect, caring and humor.
Whose thinking do you truly admire? Please, invite them to join us.


Don't you just wish
That you could throttle
Those who hit others
After hitting the bottle?

Nick Adenhart died in surgery following a terrible accident that took the lives of two others as well.
The 22-year-old pitcher had just made his fourth major league start with the Angels and left with a 4-0 lead after 6 innings - obviously, it is felt that a brilliant career has been nipped in the bud. Most sincere condolences to all who grieve.

According to AP:

"The car they were riding in was broadsided in an intersection by a minivan that apparently ran a red light, police said.

"Andrew Thomas Gallo, 22, of Riverside, was driving on a suspended license because of a previous drunk driving conviction. Preliminary results indicated Gallo's blood-alcohol level was "substantially over the legal limit" of .08 percent, police Lt. Kevin Hamilton said.

"Gallo was booked into jail on three counts of murder, three counts of vehicular manslaughter, felony hit-and-run and driving under the influence of alcohol. No bail was set."

Does it make you MADD? Visit Mothers Against Drunk Driving.