THE GRIDLOCKSMITH, traffic safety activist, "Roads Scholar," former "Road Warrior" who lost a brother (aged,15) on the road in 1969, has compiled many observations and ideas about traffic safety after 3 decades of driving for a living. "Are you part of the problem, or part of the solution? Set a safe example in traffic." You, too, can be a gridlocksmith. "Road-Peace is a step toward World Peace." - Earl Shoop

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Looking for what's logical, efficient, kind and fun... Traffic safety became a personal issue when my youngest brother died on the highway. I observed traffic unsafety while driving for a living(30yrs). Spread the word about "Road-Peace" as a step on the road to World Peace. Since those wise and gentle enough to create World Peace will not treat each other as we now do, in traffic, the road is a good place to focus our efforts. see

Saturday, November 28, 2009


This customizable poster and/or tshirt could (ironically) promote "Joe's Bar & Grill" or memorialize a victim with a picture covering Freddy.

Click the pic to go there. Check out the many bumper stickers and tshirts, as well. Sales help gridlocksmith "pay the rent."

Ain't too proud...

for food."

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


ZAZZLE has a special offer for Disney fans. That's most of us, right?

"Celebrate Mickey's 81st with free shipping on $35+ and 30% off Disney gifts!"
Free personalization on all Disney products"

Hurry, this is a limited time offer! Ends November 22, 2009.***OVER**DONE**KAPUT***

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Mickey (Mickey & Friends) mug
Mickey (Mickey & Friends) by Disney
Create personalised mugs at zazzle
Use code: MICKEY81BDAY

If Disney doesn't turn you on, perhaps, these...

make custom gifts at Zazzle
This panel shows only some of the designs available. There are more than 30 bumper stickers, and a couple shirts. Note that sticker designs can be applied to other products, like caps, tote bags, aprons, mouse pads, and more. Inexpensive gifts that remind folks you care about to stay safe...

Sunday, November 08, 2009

For a Pleasant Ride-Put Emotions Aside

Important Advice:

If a loved one is upset and storms off to the car to blow off some steam, you may want to prevent another angry driver entering traffic. If prevention is not in the cards, the car keys could be attached to something like this...

DANGERsign keychain
DANGERsign by gridlocksmith
More Gridlocksmith Keychains


Begins with
PEACE on the ROAD.
("road peace")

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