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Wednesday, April 21, 2010



We surely have no dearth
Of love for our dear Earth.
Would it not be great
If we celebrate
Its day with lots of mirth?

I can think of no finer way to celebrate Earth Day, than with a commitment to help replace "Road Rage" with "Road Peace," and put us on the path to Earth Peace.

Last Sunday, a local environmental group, "Friends of Sligo Creek," sponsored a "Sweep the Creek" event. Your friendly, grass roots traffic safety activist was there to lend a hand...

Most of the volunteers were younger folks; some were high-schoolers who had to fulfill a community service requirement. (Although the concept of forced volunteerism seems a wee bit oxymoron-ish, it may not be an entirely bad idea.)

Since I arrived alone, I went to work alone. Soon, however, I met Tanya, who, as you can see, was well equipped and attired for some serious cleaning up.

Tanya is a physical therapist, and knows the usefulness of the reach-and-grab-gizmo (that's a technical term) in her hand. She is a veteran at this sort of thing, and knows that the bags can get heavy, and dragging them can lead to undoing your work. The two wheeled transporter is lined and ready for things that may not fit well in bags.

Tanya's spirit and enthusiasm was contagious. She had a number of people following her into the most challenging terrain and underbrush to snag all manner of objects

By the end of the event, we had accumulated quite an assortment of trash.

Gridlocksmith surveys some of the booty for recycling potential. The suitcase (behind leg) became a carry-all for a ragged green tarp (left)which may find itself mulching a garden, and an inflatable Halloween decoration, all of which went home with avid recycler, Tanya.

Is Tanya looking forward to next Halloween?

Caring about the environment makes great sense. We need clean air and water, and freedom from toxic wastes and radiation, etc. Many believe that by learning to care more about other animals, we learn to treat each other better. There is no shortage of Earth (and human behavior) improvement tasks.

While it may be difficult to focus on more than one of these concerns at one time, we can support each others' efforts. In fact, if we are loving, caring and thoughtful, we may find ourselves doing all these things as part of our lifestyle. I'm sure that we can find ways to make these behavior changes fun. Once we start having fun, we will behave better, by habit.

Happy Earth Day!

Oh, yes... I can't say enough about this fellow who is traveling around the country to promote kindness!

My most recent addition to the store (in the "Other Cool Stuff" category) works well with kindness...

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Thou shalt not text, nor chat on a cell phone while driving. "Hands Free" will be excepted, however, and police need some other reason to pull you over. As long as you are attentively observing all other traffic laws, you need not be too concerned. If you are foolish enough to give them another cause to pull you over, don't worry; the fine will only be $40.00.

Pretty tough, eh?

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