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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

X Marks the Spot

In South Dakota, I noticed as a child, that there were numerous signs bearing a large "X" that alerted folks that someone had died at that spot. Groups of "X" signs were at many sharp curves, effectively warning those who cared to slow down. (Slow up?) If such signs were marked with the name of the victim, we could memorialize and make others wise.

If such a program were to be instituted in other states (or nationally?) there might be a public awareness campaign...

"X" Marks the Spot.
Give it Some Thought.
When you pay some attention
To the hazards we mention,
You'll not be distraught.

Comments, I always crave.
Whether a pan or rave,
I'll think for a spell,
And then say, "Oh, well,
"It's like a smile and wave."

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Be a safe and gentle driver,
Cool and calm as MacGuyver.
Don't do stupid tricks
Like text limericks.
You will be a survivor.