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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"Road-Peace" is a first...(EDITED)

( rewritten/edited 1-28-2012 )

Traffic safety is, as you know, a big issue for me, and I often think about how we can get individuals to behave, in traffic, as though they gave a whit about each other. The top-down approach of writing more and more laws cannot, in the end, be totally successful in the eradication of poor behavior (on or off the road).

I believe the need for people to treat each other with kindness in traffic should have far more attention. That is why I am in the process of starting a new campaign for world peace, that encourages folks to choose to evolve, socially, into the humans we must become in order to make world peace possible. "Road-Peace" is offered as a first step.  In traffic, we have the perfect training ground, full of opportunities to choose, moment to moment, to set a good example. Our patience and forgiveness will be challenged, giving us a means to gauge our progress.

Back when this was originally posted, the new site was not ready to view, but, now, although not fully functional, it is ready to begin spreading the concept that "Road-Peace is a step on the road to World Peace."

Thanks to Melissa Smith, of Homemade Preschool
who gave a hand finishing the banner, which is a link to the site.
Perhaps, some day, this book will be available.
Alas, it is only a novelty cover. You can make one, yourself, here.
Will you, dear reader, help spread the word among those in the "Peace Activism Community" by sharing this post with your friends? It is through such contributions that a true "grass roots" movement or campaign gets its beginning. Thank you!

As allies in the peace movement, let's share connections...
Here are some links:
This is a short piece that I encourage everyone to think about.

(Many more are coming, but, I am being dragged away from the computer to visit our grand daughter, who is one of the reasons I do this.)
(The remainder, below, is all that is left of the original post.)
The International Day of Peace ("Peace Day") is a fitting day to announce the start of a new "peace movement," but it was pure chance. Had it been planned, the announcement would have been more elegant, and the site, "," would be ready to view. 
It will be, soon. There have been too many other projects - like finding money to pay the bills - to allow me to devote all my time to designing and developing.  BTW, why not wander over to gridlocksmith and test the yet unused PayPal button and help support the cause?

"Be safe, out there."

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