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Friday, November 18, 2011

Signs of the Times?

Millions of dollars have been spent on signs, in the US. 
If the signs are disregarded, the money is not well spent.

One of the cardinal rules for gridlock prevention is: "If you can't get out, don't go in" (the intersection). So, what sort of signs do we see in D.C. to admonish drivers not to block intersections? 


...Really? How many drivers, surrounded by big boxes that we know as buildings, are going to equate "BOX" with intersection?  Can't we do better than that?

How about signs that simply say:

|            |
--------  KEEP  --------
-------- CLEAR --------
 |            | 

(Sorry, my Appleworks6 has gone on strike, 
refusing to allow me to put up a decent graphic image. Any volunteers?)
...enclosed in lines at right angles, forming a diagram of a crossing should complete an image that leaves no doubt. The sign will also be a positive , rather than negative, motivator.

There is a theory that holds that the human mind likes positive thoughts and motivations, and sometimes eliminates the negativity, while  keeping the positive. Might this account for drivers, seeing a sign that begins with "Do not," doing the opposite of what the sign says?

Another example...

 Driveways and minor streets, near busy intersections are often blocked by thoughtless drivers, in spite of easily understandable signs.

It is a frustrating way to start your journey, when you can't even enter the flow of traffic. At this particular location (a parking lot for a medical building), it is especially difficult to make a left turn upon exiting, since one is likely to be blocked by all three lanes of traffic.

Sometimes, one wonders 
if these drivers pay attention to signs at all. 
How about this one?

You may be fallen-crested
As your patience is tested
By those of dull wit.
But, don't have a fit.
Just laugh, like you've been jested.

You're a mover and shaker;
Not a slacker or faker.
The example you set
Becomes the world you get.
You're a Road-Peace maker.

Drive kindly!


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