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Looking for what's logical, efficient, kind and fun... Traffic safety became a personal issue when my youngest brother died on the highway. I observed traffic unsafety while driving for a living(30yrs). Spread the word about "Road-Peace" as a step on the road to World Peace. Since those wise and gentle enough to create World Peace will not treat each other as we now do, in traffic, the road is a good place to focus our efforts. see

Friday, November 11, 2011


As a Vietnam veteran, myself, I understand that the purpose of our military is to keep peace. Folks in the military want peace even more than the rest of us. The fact that they are so devoted to defending us, that they make such great sacrifices, should not go unappreciated.
So, gridlocksmith says to our defenders..   


Perhaps the very best show of gratitude would be to work for peace, 
so that they do not have to fight, anymore.

I know that sounds naive, but...

Will peace only come to the world when we have wiped ourselves off the face of the planet? With bio-chemical and nuclear weapons, that scenario is becoming a real possibility.

There is another, brighter option. It may be a "long shot," but, considering the other course, it is worth giving it maximum effort. "We the people" - not the governments, will lead as peacemakers. This action is based on Gandhi's advice: Be the change you wish to see in the world. Social mores have not yet evolved to the point that we humans consistently treat one another as precious, loving and intelligent beings that deserve respect, patience, forgiveness, helpfulness and thoughtfulness. By choosing to evolve, as individuals, we create a more evolved society.

We all need to be treated.... well.
We all need to treat others.. well,
in order to be treated........... well. 

Whether or not we feel that we (or anyone else) 
deserve to be treated well, is not relevant 
to our progress toward becoming "peace full" humans.

As we learn to be kinder
It will be a reminder
There's no need for chagrin;
For the kindness within
Becomes a "true self" finder.

The decision to "evolve" into our true selves is crucial!

Love, forgiveness and compassion are instrumental, along with thoughtfulness, patience, respect and kindness, to any effort to create "World Peace." 

"We must become the change we wish to see in the world."

My proposal is that all humans who desire peace commit themselves to evolving into such beings through the practice of kindness in traffic. It is a place that will provide challenges, lessons, and the incentive of survival to keep us alertly engaged in the process of becoming the peaceful humans we need to become, as we create "Road-Peace," a milestone on the road to World Peace.
The mission of to encourage people to evolve into the kind, caring, thoughtful, compassionate, forgiving, patient and loving humans that we need to become in order to establish world peace.

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