THE GRIDLOCKSMITH, traffic safety activist, "Roads Scholar," former "Road Warrior" who lost a brother (aged,15) on the road in 1969, has compiled many observations and ideas about traffic safety after 3 decades of driving for a living. "Are you part of the problem, or part of the solution? Set a safe example in traffic." You, too, can be a gridlocksmith. "Road-Peace is a step toward World Peace." - Earl Shoop

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Looking for what's logical, efficient, kind and fun... Traffic safety became a personal issue when my youngest brother died on the highway. I observed traffic unsafety while driving for a living(30yrs). Spread the word about "Road-Peace" as a step on the road to World Peace. Since those wise and gentle enough to create World Peace will not treat each other as we now do, in traffic, the road is a good place to focus our efforts. see

Friday, November 18, 2011

World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims

Just as "Road-Peace" is nearing launch, the 
arrives, this Sunday, November 20, 2011. 
"...observed every third Sunday in November each year. This will be a major advocacy day for road traffic injury prevention and WHO and the United Nations Road Safety Collaboration encourage governments and NGOs around the world to commemorate this day."
"The Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020, which began in May this year, has the goal of saving five million lives. A global plan for the decade provides a framework for governments, civil society and the private sector to work together to improve road management; upgrade the safety of roads and vehicles, and educate drivers, 
passengers and pedestrians on safe behaviour."

I will not feel that my brother died in vain, 
if we become more aware of the need 
for patience, forgiveness, understanding and kindness 
for one another on the road. 
The qualities needed to make "Road-Peace" possible, 
are the same that will make World Peace possible. 

Please, visit 
and help spread the important message that 

The folks wise and gentle enough to create World Peace, 
will not treat each other as we do, on the road, today. 
If we hope to become those people, 
we need to start making changes... now.

Remember the Sunday before Thanksgiving.

Drive with care... everywhere.

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