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Sunday, December 11, 2011


"Will blog 4 food."

As the great poet/philosopher/song writer/singer, Arlo Guthrie said, "Ya gotta sing loud if ya wanna end war and stuff."  But, all the songs have been sung... millions - no, make that guzzillions of times, and we still have "war and stuff."

Perhaps we expect too much of a song. Maybe, a more modest goal could be served with a song. How about texting while driving? Could a song help people make better decisions in that regard? Let's give it a go...

Remember the tune about Davy Crockett? He was the frontiersman of great renown who is said to have said, "Be sure you're right, then, go ahead." You can hear the late Fess Parker (the actor who played Davy) sing the tune, here.  Or, you can see and hear the words, along with some clips from the Disney production, here.

What could be more fitting than to use his tune to convince people to make sure they do the right thing and put away texting while behind the wheel?

When and if permission can be obtained from Disney, you may hear the tune with new lyrics in radio spots. Until then, there should be no reason not to sing it yourself, and teach it to others. Especially if you teach, or run a driving school!

Without further ado, here are the new lyrics. Teach the children well.


Born to be distracted as you can see.
Talked up a storm when he was only three.
Raised on the boob tube, watchin'  comedy.
Made up his mind to live dangerously.

Dexter, Dexter Texter, texted his life away!

Texting while bicycling made friends perplexed
Behind the wheel, he was surely hexed
Because he decided he had to text...
The devil saw this, and said, "You're next!"

Dexter, Dexter Texter, texted his life away!

We've come to the end of our sad, sad song.
Humans ain't built like old King Kong.
Texting is distracting, and that's just wrong.
Life is short, but, forever is long.

Dexter, Dexter Texter, texted his life away!

(suggest alterations in comments, below...)

YouTube has some vids that may be helpful in the spreading of distracted driving awareness...
like this one, with Dr Phil, and the debut of Dexter the Dead Texter and this message from Dexter the Dead Texter. (OK, just one more, with a Sarah McLachlan song.)   This, just in... as of Jan. 25, 2012, I am following: Check it out - thumb bands as reminders!

Did you say, "There oughta be a bumper sticker?" 
We got yer bumper stickers...

BadAttitude-SATAN bumpersticker
BadAttitude-SATAN by gridlocksmith

Be careful out there, and drive kindly.
Remember, also, Road-Peace is a step toward WorldPeace.

   "Spare Change?"

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