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Friday, January 13, 2012

What Brings Good Luck?

(It brings good luck.)

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1-13-12 FRIDAY 13TH!!

(it brings good luck)

At least, that's what I read in an article lately... (Where did I put that thing?) Maybe it will pop up in a search... Hmmm...
"happiness brings good luck" in the search field, aaaannnnd...
O-Kay.. I will obviously not find it by deadline, so, here is at least one source of Luck Resources...   -which is loaded with quips and quotes and questionable comments, completely compiled to settle the riled... Allow this exemplary example to entertain your attention:

Being generous, just helping one’s relatives and being blameless in one’s actions; this is the best good luck. ~ Buddha

Exactly! Kindness completes the karmic contraption. Or something like that. Hey, what do you want from me? It's freaking Friday the thirteenth, for Pete's sake! 

OK, I'm better, now. Friday is still Friday. It could be a Monday!  (the 13th!) Oh yes. That could be really bad... why, I remember, as a youth, going fishing on a Monday the 13th... not only was I having no good luck with the fishing, but, while my back was turned, I got a bite that took my pole out to the middle of the river!  Later, after losing still more of my tackle, I wandered down river to a spot where the water gently flowed over a small spillway. I decided to cross. After just a few steps, my foot encountered a mysterious clump. Curious, I investigated, and found that the clump was the business end of a broom. Lifting the broom out of the water, I saw a wire attached to the top of the handle... and more wire.. a wire cage... a cage with a fish inside! But this was no carp or catfish, this was a Walleyed Pike, about two feet long!

Happily, I took home my prize, 

  where a friend showed me how to fillet.
Happy, the boy, who learned 
  that bad luck need not last all day.
It is a special week-end. Monday will be a day off for lots of folks, in celebration of our good fortune to have had a man like Martin Luther King, Jr. walk among us, leading the important struggle for civil rights. It should be a day for reflection on what our common humanity has in store. Will we learn how to end war? Will war put an end to us?

There is something that we can all do, anytime we are involved in traffic, to promote progress toward World Peace... Be kind and thoughtful of others. By setting the safe and courteous example, we begin the process of creating "Road-Peace" as a step toward World Peace.

Just might say,
Peaceful, kind driving
And safe arriving
Makes my day!

Have a happy and safe week-end!


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