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Thursday, February 09, 2012


Next week is "Random Acts of Kindness Week." Let's get an early start. In fact, why not be kind every day, every week? everyone?

One of the greatest kindnesses that we can show each other is to think well about our safety. From that thinking, we are likely to become more patient, thoughtful, and forgiving. (Who among us has never done an "oopsy!" from time to time?)

Kindness in traffic can be challenging, especially when others do stupid and dangerous things. During 30 years of "driving for a living," I have seen more than a few ragers running rampant on the road. Not being authorized to pull them over and lecture them, it made no sense to chase after them, but it left me feeling angry that these clowns were endangering us all. That is what makes Road Rage" so dangerous; anger spreads like a virus, making more and more drivers impatient, less kind and thoughtful...

So, what is a rational driver to do? First, we have to remember that the only attitudes and behaviors we can change... are our own. Actually, that may be enough. The most powerful thing that we can do to influence the behavior of others is to set a good example. Many manic drivers are looking for someone to race them, or, simply take joy in irritating others. If we don't rise to the bait, it spoils their game. Each time we see rage, but stay calm, we win. Here is a rhyme I use to help keep cool:

"Road Rage Remedy"

We know a cheery fellow
Who likes the traffic mellow,
But, when drivers intrude,
With attitudes, rude,
He sometimes used to bellow!

He soon saw that was folly.
So, to make himself quite jolly,
He said, "Yes-sir-ee, Bob,
They're doing a fine job;
They keep me alert, by golly!"

When traffic has you in a bind,
And there's no short cut you can find,
To improve the flow,
Here's all you need know:
It's much better, when you are kind.

One of the most unkind things one can do in traffic is to be so disrespectful of others, that one becomes distracted by cell phone use and/or texting while driving! This can so easily lead to terrible consequences(video). I believe this sensible message should be viewed by every person who uses texting devices. Here is another blog post, dedicated to this issue. It includes more links and new lyrics (Dexter Texter) to an old tune (Davy Crockett).

When kindness is shared in traffic, whether we walk, cycle, or drive, we become part of the solution. We all can feel more relaxed, think more clearly, be safer, endure less stress and have healthier hearts.  

What a deal!

More articles, poems, photos and humor are at
Volunteers are needed to help kick off the new "Road-Peace Movement."

Remember the advice of Gandhi...
You must be the
you wish to see in
(Be safe out there.)

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