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Wednesday, April 11, 2012


 ARE YOU FOR PEACE?  ...Everywhere?

Well, sure, of course.
Are you ready to make peace?  You may have to make some changes in your own life. Are you ready for that?
Uh, whatcha mean?
Here's the thing... True World Peace is not just about nations refusing to fight wars against each other. It means that we humans (as individuals) care about each other...
You mean, even my knuckle-head brother-in-law?
Maybe he's just doing the best he can. We're not all as smart as you, ya know. But let me get to "Road-Peace."

That's right, "Road-Peace." I can't think of a better place to start making peace than on the road, where we all know that our lives are in each others' hands. Can you?
I'm with you. So, if we all act nice to each other on the road, then we have "Road-Peace."
Basically. We need to realize that it will not always be easy to be kind and thoughtful and forgiving...
Right, forgiving... like when someone does something that really gets your goat, you know?
Like yesterday, when this guy cut me off?
What do you mean, cut you off?
Yeah. Like I'm driving along, when suddenly, this guy pulls right in front of me, and I felt pretty whizzed off!
He practically ran you off the road? ..with not even signalling?
Oh, no. There was plenty of room, and I think he did signal.
What happened then?
He got off at the next exit.
I see. I guess I'm more literal than most folks. When I think of being "cut off," I'm really being "Cut Off." If I'm trying to get  into the right lane, so I can take the next exit, and other drivers see my signal and speed up to get in the way... that's what I call, "Cut Off!"
Wow! I see what you mean. Do you forgive them?
Sure, but it can be really challenging. Especially the one that was right behind me, who moved over to the right and sped up... or when a parade of tail-gaters... I mean, It's hard not to believe that they are deliberately being rude. But, they have no way to know if I'm forgiving them or not. Forgiveness of others benefits me, more than it does them.
Right. That way, you don't hold in all those negative feelings... the kind that can make you crazy.

You've got it. They might even be trying to get me angry... as though more angry drivers on the road is a really swell idea...

I guess they think it's a lot of fun to play mind-jerk games, on the road. They seem to crave the attention of another driver, speeding up to catch up and make faces.  Forgiving them gives me the pleasure of disappointing those characters.  Another driver, who cares less than I do about survival, will play that game, and if they both kill themselves... I chalk it up to Darwin.
Right. Survival of the fittest, on the road, means survival of the kindest and wisest and most attentive... those who want "Road-Peace," which is a step on the road to World Peace.

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One of the most important elements of true peace is... caring for each other (and ourselves). We can do that, right now, by signing petitions, provided by  Release grieving Mother of hit and run + install a crosswalk

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