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Saturday, January 14, 2006


I suppose I should say a word about
GRIDLOCK. That word is.... PREVENTION!

As we all know, traffic flows along streets
that form a grid. When traffic volume
exceeds the capacity of the streets,
traffic snarls. Many a driver snarls.
People with a great desire to be
somewhere else start to focus even more
sharply on, "Get me outta here!"
Frustration leads to poor decision making.
Perhaps the most common bad decision in
heavy traffic is to advance into an
intersection without any certainty of
getting out before the lite changes.
Imagine that drivers are blocking *all* the

This is gridlock. Once established, it takes
much time to get traffic flowing, again.

The best solution (Here comes that word...)

"As patience is a virtue,
Impatience is a sin.
If you can't get out of the intersection,
For gosh sakes, don't go in."


Anonymous Petey Puker said...! you call that poetry? gak!

But, yer right about the blockhedds that block the innersection... they need a huge block above the innersection to come down an flatten ennything not supposed to be there. then traffic can resume when it goes back up.

3:23 AM, February 16, 2006  

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