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Monday, January 23, 2006


(revised: 3-30-2006)

This could be the slogan for those who want
to remind others who may have forgotten
to buckle up for safety.

What follows is the complete text, with
only a small adjustment for the link to
darwinawards, of a letter (email, actually)
that I sent to the famous Heloise of
"Hints From Heloise" fame:


A friend who *always* buckled up totaled
her car one day. Unfortunately, she had
forgotten to buckle up. She spent months in
the hospital and expects to have painful
reminders for the rest of her life.

Here is my silent but effective technique
for reminding folks that it just might be a
good idea...

With a friendly wave and smile, I get the
other person's attention. Then, I hold my
seat belt up to my face and present an
exaggerated kiss upon the belt.

Their response is usually quite positive.
Sometimes, they even roll down the window
to voice their thanks for the reminder.

For those who are unmoved, I only shrug and
recall that darwinawards are meant for such people.

Thanks for being such a wonderful resource
for us all, Earl Shoop

"Are you part of the problem, or part of the
solution? Set a safe example in traffic."
-The GridLockSmith


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