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Monday, July 20, 2009


(photo by Laureen Summers)

Imagine a world with no wars, no animosity between humans; it is a world where all people see that everyone is well thought about and cared for. (It is our mission in life in this nirvana-world.) All people care about you, and you care about them.

In such a world could there be such a thing as "road rage?" Of course not. ...well, maybe a little... we will probably still have emotions.

How long will it take to evolve into such beings?

It better not take very long. We are facing a time when some people will not only have the desire to wipe out "intelligent life" on our planet, but the technology to do so.

Many people have, over the centuries, cried out for peace. Attempts have been made to create peaceful, civilized societies. A war was deemed to be the last... "the war to end all wars."

A world at peace cannot simply be wished into existence. War cannot be simply wished away.

A tremendous change in attitude will be required if we are to move toward true peace.

Would a world in which all drivers treated each other with kindness be a step in the right direction? Imagine such a thing!

What would you be willing to do to bring us a step closer to world peace?

Forgive those who don't "measure up?" (including yourself)

Stubbornly persist in setting a safe example?

Drive kindly?


Change your thoughts and you change your world.
- Norman Vincent Peale

The distance is nothing; it is only the first step that is difficult.
- Du Deffand

To view another outstanding photo by Laureen, see the website.


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