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Monday, July 13, 2009

Florida's worst drivers to retake driving test

According to this story from The Miami Herald, " Florida will soon start sending some of the state's worst drivers back to school." The new law becomes effective at the start of 2010, and could have a major impact on how seriously drivers take their responsibility for public safety.

Since it takes three crash related tickets in three years to send a driver "back to school," don't expect to see anyone do so until 2013. Still, it gives folks something to think about.

(Takoma Park,Md.)

Advances and backward glances in the transportation field include:

An alternative look at pedal power...

and, possibly pointing the way toward
a renewed interest in methane power...?

and finally, a reminder that
"not building 'em like they used to" can be a good thing...

I am a big fan of The Darwin Awards ... they make me laugh.
(Best wishes to head honcho, Wendy Northcutt,
for a speedy recovery of her broken leg.
Happily, she has a healthy sense of humor.)


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