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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

When "No" Means "Yes"

Darwin Award

please note:

There almost certainly
will be a merge
in the area ahead

Why Is This So?

Because, where there once was a short acceleration lane to aid merging, there is now an abrupt merge into what has become a "passing lane." We will not see the return of the old acceleration lane, but we can do something about the misplaced "passing lane."

We should acknowledge the goodness of our fellow drivers. Many of them saw that traffic from a busy highway would need to merge into their flow. To expedite that merge so that traffic would not back up onto that highway and create a dangerous situation, they moved to the left to make room. Then, the knuckle-heads (you know who you are) decided that the right lane, with all that room, was perfect for passing! By doing so, they have made the situation worse.

The authorities have tried to handle this with signs that warned that "This Lane Is Closed To You" at certain times. Valiant effort.

One might be tempted to call for signs instructing drivers in the "slow lane" to yield to merging traffic. But, since the problem involves drivers who engaged in improper passing, will signs deter them? As I am fond of reminding scofflaws, (especially those in the diplomatic community) "The laws of physics are self enforcing."

Slow Lane Rumblestrips

As you rushed to catch a plane at BWI, you had your teeth jarred by an impressive set of them. Imagine the effect they could have in the "slow lane/passing lane." Gentle strips in the right lane will allow drivers to stay in the lane if they maintain the proper speed to allow merging.

Hmm. Here's another thought about signs... "Slow Lane Must Allow Alternate Merge."

Well, friends, this is a think tank, after all. What are your thoughts?


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