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Saturday, July 25, 2009


It is like a war on our highways, sometimes. "Road Warriors" are everywhere, and "Road Rage" seems all too common.

Recently, I have been thinking about war and peace and casualties that are weekly named and numbered. Remember the fanfare when dead U.S. troops reached 3,000?

Why does the press not show similar interest in the casualty count on our roads? The death toll on U.S. roads has hovered at over 40,000 annually for the last 20 years!

Is it not time that we start a new "PEACE MOVEMENT" to bring attention to the blood being spilled on our highways?

It is not an entirely different issue, as I am sure some will claim. The issue has to do with attitudes toward other people. Do we truly respect one another? Do we have kindness in our hearts? Can we see that "What goes around, comes around?" If we drive without regard for the safety of others, we will someday find, "Our chickens have come home to roost."

If you wish to see peace on our roads, the most important thing you can do, I believe, is to set a safe example. If you are committed to doing that, and want to contribute your ideas to help further the cause, may I suggest that we have an online "Think Tank" where we can share our best ideas.

Here it is.


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