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Saturday, August 08, 2009


Yes, friends, there really is a place where people can learn "HOW TO DRIVE LIKE A MORON." I fondly recalled this as an AOL Hometown site. (AOL shut that down, 11-06-08)

While tidying up the mess that is my office, I ran across a note about it. Through the miracle we know as "Google," it has been found. Much to my glee.

Of course, if you have ambitions leaning toward long life, you are likely to recognize it as a tutorial on how not to drive. (duh!)

Once again, I advise all who wish not to become angry when jerky drivers appear, (anger is only a "d" away from danger) remember this short refrain:

There another one goes.
But, I need not be morose.
Although he's a jerk,
He's doing great work,
At keeping me on my toes!

This is based on an earlier, more wordy work:

"Road Rage Remedy"

The gridlocksmith is a fellow
Who likes the traffic mellow,
But, when drivers intrude,
With attitudes, rude,
He sometimes used to bellow!

He soon saw that was folly.
So, to make himself quite jolly,
He said, "Yessiree, Bob,
They're doing such a fine job,
They keep me alert, by golly!"

Don't rage in vain;
Engage your brain.


The art of being wise is knowing what to overlook. - William James

Have you ever seen a guy by the road holding a cardboard sign,
"Will traffic safety advocate for food?"

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