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Monday, October 05, 2009

GRIDLOCKSMITH store now on Zazzle

This is one of the first dozen bumper stickers in the new store at Note the subtle humor of our courteous "PLEASE!" being run down. Oh, well.

Coming soon, tee shirts with pathetic poetry posted on the backs. Betcha can't wait for this one...

"Road Rage Remedy"

The gridlocksmith is a fellow
Who likes the traffic mellow,
But, when drivers intrude,
With attitudes, rude,
He sometimes used to bellow!

He soon saw that was folly.
So, to make himself quite jolly,
He said, "Yessiree, Bob,
They're doing a fine job;
They keep me alert, by golly!"

If that's not pithily platitudinous, what is?

Still gotta eat. Can anybody spare some bread?

"Will traffic safety advocate for food."


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