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Saturday, August 15, 2009


By now, most everyone has heard of the story about the Maryland judge who let the air out of someone's tire. (Talk about a heavy penalty for parking in the wrong spot!) He felt that leaving a note would not be effective.

My question: What if the other driver came back just then, and would have moved out of the space, making it available for hizzonner? A flat tire, then, would hardly be in the judge's best interest.

Reminds one of the story from the French Revolution... bread was in short supply. Mob response: burn down the bakery!

Could this be the same judge who, years ago, found me guilty after the officer explained that the ticket was written in error? If so, an errhead, he must truly be.


When angry, count ten before you speak;
if very angry, a hundred.
- Thomas Jefferson

Do we ever speak louder than our actions?

"Will traffic safety advocate for food."

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