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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Say No to camo seatbelts

"When you need it, you won't have time to put it on!" That is why it is important to be in the habit of fastening the belt when we first get into the car.

Sometimes, perhaps, in a hurry, with mental distractions we don't think of it. The belt is often the same color as the seats (camouflaged) and is easily overlooked.

How about making the seat belt scream out, "Put me on!" They would be forgotten less often if they had black and white stripes (racing stripes?) making them more visible. This will also make them more visible to others.... like... law enforcement... or friends who might remind us to do the safe thing. (Are car makers listening?)

(When reminding others, the preferred phrase is, "Remember your seat belt." rather than, "Don't forget..." Why? The human mind wants to be positive, and tends to forget or disregard the negative. Thus, the phrase, "Don't forget..." becomes, "Forget..." More favorable results are usually achieved by positive messages.)

When passengers seem reluctant, they can be told, "If a dog runs in front of us, I will hit the brakes rather hard and you could find yourself getting too friendly with the windshield!" (Windshields are notoriously un-cuddly.)

Friends don't let friends drive (or ride) without the belt!

Remember the sacrifices made as you celebrate Independence Day!

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UPDATE July 6, 2008... (link to story)

A former player for the San Diego Chargers, Terrence Kiel, was killed after he was thrown from a Chevy sedan he was driving, police said Saturday.

Repeat: Friends don't let friends drive (or ride) without the belt!

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