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Wednesday, June 28, 2006


WET!! So wet that you can't see the road! Is that a good time to be on the road, boys and girls?

NNNOOO! When roads become rivers, remember that rivers are not safe roads...

Sorry about that. All the rain, lately has made me silly.

The D.C. area will be cleaning up for some time. (weeks?)

I really have to dash off to prepare to march in the Takoma Park, Md. Independence Day Parade. Home made sandwich boards and a colorful propeller hat will comprise my "costume," and I can only hope that my aging body will survive the miles long march.

If you happen to be in the crowd, give me a wave. This will be your gridlocksmith's first publicity seeking adventure in the real world. Hopefully, the message will get out to the revelers to "drive kindly" and be "part of the solution."


Did you see the "DANGER" Acrostic Challenge? It is at this previous post.

Have you ever seen a guy by the road holding a cardboard sign,
"Will traffic safety advocate for food?" Puleeze, don't make me do this.
Hmmm... Perhaps, he could be selling bumperstickers for GRIDLOCKSMITH.COM?
Another b'sticker idea...
"Blessed are they who have patience,
For they may not become patients"
I am a big fan of The Darwin Awards, partly because they make me laugh, and partly because Mother Nature really needs help in the fight against IQ deficiency taking over the gene pool.
Here is the (revised) first post of this humble blog.


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