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Wednesday, May 31, 2006


We all wonder what gets in the heads of some pedestrians.
(Dress in dark clothes to play in traffic, at nite! That's no way to win the Darwin Award.)

Now comes this report from our buddy near "the southern command," Ali Gater...

Hello, mates! From the hot and unusually dry land of shrinking swamps and gregarious gators (and Gaters) comes the news that even gators know to look both ways before crossing. (It should be pointed out that Florida officials want drivers to be aware of the altitude-challenged (low-down & harder to see) critters and have posted signs.)

Here is a Sun-Sentinel report of a smarter-than-the-average gator. Since the link may expire, I will tell you that it looked both ways, waited for an opening, then crossed the road, safely.

Wouldn't it be lovely if more humanoid pedestrians were so wise?

Good luck, and here's hoping that many recruits are joining the army of gridlocksmiths - Ali

Thanks, Ali. The "army" is still quite small, but designs are in the works for uniforms (hats and T-shirts) and bumperstickers. A new "Become a GRIDLOCKSMITH" page will soon be up on the site.

Did you see the "DANGER" Acrostic Challenge? It is at this previous post.

Have you ever seen a guy by the road holding a cardboard sign,
"Will traffic safety advocate for food?"
Hmmm... Perhaps, he could be selling bumperstickers for GRIDLOCKSMITH.COM?
I am a big fan of The Darwin Awards, partly because they make me laugh, and partly because Mother Nature really needs help in the fight against IQ deficiency taking over the gene pool.
Here is the (revised) first post of this humble blog.


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