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Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Do you recall seeing print ads that read, "SAVED BY THE BELT?"

Years ago, I was driving toward downtown, Washington, D.C. on Massachussetts Avenue on a clear, summer day. Unexpectedly, a curtain of muck covered the windshield, and before I could even think of the wipers, the car came to a sudden halt against a utility pole. Being in the habit of buckling up, I was unharmed. The muck was the result of teamwork and timing provided by sanitation workers pumping it up from under the street, one of our famous (cavernous) potholes, and another car hitting the invisible hole.

Perhaps my story will someday appear in one of those ads? You *do* always buckle up, don't you?


For those who love sarcasm... someone had to do a site like this. Doggiesnot has done it, rather thoroughly. It is called, "HOW TO DRIVE LIKE A MORON" and has been called, "a bible for useless drivers."

REMEMBER, the position of "gridlocksmith" is open to all. What does one need to do to be a gridlocksmith? Observe how you can have a positive effect on traffic flow, the mood of drivers around you, drive kindly and always set the safe example in traffic.

Coming Next: The DANGER acrostic poster/T-shirt "contest"

What next? T-shirts and coffee mugs? Hmmm... Why not? If anyone knows of a foundation that funds free lance traffic safety activists, you might send them a link to gridlocksmith. Depending on your email provider, pasting in "" may be all it takes to create a link in your mail. Thanks!!

I am a huge fan of The Darwin Awards, partly because they make me laugh, and partly because Mother Nature really needs help in the effort to prevent "idiocy" taking over the gene pool. A link back to "The GridLockSmith" can be found there(!) A first.
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