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Friday, April 28, 2006


preoccupied with trying to pay bills and such. (As well as recovering from his annual Spring allergy attack- (and as a bonus, an ear infection - gotta feel for the old guy) So, to keep the ball rolling, here is our guest columnist, bon vivant and old friend, Bo Guss... (His previous post)

Yes, friends, I am back with great news! THE GRIDLOCKSMITH has given the OK for a fun "contest" for all you creative traffic safety thinkers. I'm sure that you recall we recently discussed the danger of angry driving. Well, we've been thinking about doing a line of traffic safety promoting products like T-shirts and such. Heck, if enuf of you fine folks like 'em and buy 'em, GRIDLOCKSMITH might not have to work so hard trying to pay all them bills... and that kid of his just graduated college, last December. (Cum Laude! Congrats, Mel!)

Anyway, the "contest" works like this:
The Gridlocksmith, or a trusted associate, will select from the submissions, a design to be used on T-shirts and, possibly, other items like coffee mugs, tote bags, fur coats, whatever you folks might get scammed into buying.

The object is to put together a profound statement about the danger of driving in an extreme state of anger, in acrostic form. The vertical punch word is: "DANGER." The first two lines are: DRIVING...

Here is my first effort:


OK, not exactly Shakespearean, but you get the idea, right? It shouldn't be too hard to top that, eh? Just come up with four measly ... uh, profound words that pack a punch. that rilly get the message across. that will sell a million shirts! And the prize shall be... a T-shirt! ..with your winning design and, if you like, indelibly autographed by the GRIDLOCKSMITH, himself. And, if people clamor for tote bags, the winner gets one of those, as well. How fair is that? (The usual small print applies. No cash value, blah-dee-dah.)

OK, let's get them gray cells in gear and pour in those entries to:

Til next time, this is Bo Guss, sayin' Drive like you wanna survive!

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