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Wednesday, October 28, 2009


The velcro straps, looped through the holes, make it possible to carry two large posters, hands free. Encountering the folks at community gatherings, parades, and health fairs, it's nice to be able to shake hands, take photos, and hand out literature, etc.

If you can make a collage, you can do this. These were made from recycled displays of architect's renderings on strong foam core sandwiches, often called "gatorboard." Strong cardboard from large appliance boxes could also be used. If you are not planning on using yours far into the future, less sturdy materials would be acceptable.

Markers, Paper, glue, duct tape (available in various colors- I used red and gray) and clear plastic covering for inclement weather complete the list of materials. I found scissors, a large paper cutter and a box cutter useful.

These have a scruffy, amateurish look by design. I want viewers to think, "I can do that."

You, too, can promote traffic safety, or other good causes with greater visibility, using your own home-made wearable posters.

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